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Film Extras Could Be Replaced By CGI In Future



Film Extras Could Be Replaced By CGI In .

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The of film is looking uncertain as the industry looks to adapt with the long term impact of coronavirus.

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The British Film Commission has drafted a new series of safety protocols for the sector, which give an indication of how things might change.

One floated initiative is one to replace extras in crowd scenes with CGI equivalents, though even if human extras are used, things may change; executives may be forced to use extras from the same household, while those cast could be asked to wear their own clothes and do their own hair and make-up where viable. The protocols also suggest actors flying into the UK to work could face health checks and a period of quarantine.

The Film And TV Production Codes Of Practice will be presented to the UK Government as a vision of how the TV and film industry can mobilise once lockdown measures are eased.

The draft proposals, which are undergoing a period of industry consultation, include having additional trailers for actors to allow adequate social distancing, safety training for all crew members, requiring sets to employ a dedicated Covid-19 health and safety supervisor, and health monitoring, isolation and return-to-work protocols for productions.

Other practical changes could require crew members to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), while sets could be marked with two-metre markers to prompt social distancing.

Call times could also be staggered and sets would be off limits to all but essential crew and others encouraged to work remotely. Those on set would be told not to share pens, phone chargers and other personal items.

Buffets at meal times would be replaced with single-serving, pre-packaged food, and touchless or foot-operated toilet flushes, taps and lights would be encouraged.

The period of consultation on the draft protocol ends on May 15, but the date for publication of the final codes of practice has not been established.

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