Lil Nas X Reveals Drake & Nicki Minaj Turned Down “Montero” Features

Lil Nas X Reveals Drake & Nicki Minaj Turned Down "Montero" Features


He also shares which he them to appear on.

For as many people object to his methods,  remains a force in the industry. His Montero album dominated the charts and with each new release, the hitmaking rapper-singer amasses an increasing amount of attention. His online antics and creative choices have caused controversy, but overall, artists are clamoring to collaborate with Lil  X. Well, most.

The Georgia icon has been named as one of GQ’s of the Year and in his cover feature, X was asked about the features on Montero. It seems that he had two artists in mind for the hit album but was rejected.

Montero featured looks from Elton John, Doja Cat, Jack Harlow, Miley Cyrus, and —but if  X would have had his way, Drake and Nick Minaj would have appeared, as well.

“I don’t usually ask for features like that. But for every feature I did ask for this album, like, every single one of them worked…besides Drake and Nicki [Minaj],” he told GQ. The publication was surprised to hear that X reached out and was shut down.

“I didn’t ask them directly. I Nicki on ‘Industry Baby,’ and I Drake on ‘Dolla Sign Slime,’ with Megan [Thee Stallion],” the rapper added. “Industry Baby” of course was given to Harlow. “Yeah, but you know, I like things always out. Jack Harlow ended being, like, option. I’m not sure how Nicki would have felt with that or whatnot.”

 has long been a fan of Minaj but denied being a “Barb” because, at the time, he was not open about his sexuality. Back in September, stated that Minaj ghosted his request.


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