Almost every high-profile celebrity has a lookalike who has been making money from their similarities, and Drake isn7;t any different. In recent months, there has been increasing news about this Drake who has been making the rounds in Miami and Los Angeles. There have been several spottings at nightclubs and events, and recently, someone captured the imposter performing Drake7;s tracks at the club.

The Drake, Izzy, sat down with No Jumper to speak about his antics, admitting that he7;s been booking events and may even need security.

Izzy shared that he is a Toronto native like the real Drake and while visiting Miami, he was told that he should shave the  Lover Boy heart into his head. He did, and the rest is history.

“People DM me, like, 6;Do want to come to my event? We can7;t pay Drake because he7;s too expensive,” said Izzy, adding that promoters have paid anywhere from $5K for him to just show up to the event. They also cover his traveling and accommodations. “I7;ve been doing my thing, know. That7;s all I7;m gonna say.”

When asked if Drake is aware of Izzy and his antics, the imposter said yes. Apparently, Izzy recently took a trip to Vegas where he enjoyed luxury accommodations, but their host didn7;t want to ruffle any feathers with Drake, so he called the rapper directly. The host was able to get into contact with Drizzy and according to him, Drake said that it didn7;t bother or affect him, so “let the guy get his bag.”

Watch Izzy’s interview with No Jumper below.